Supplemental Insurance Plans


What is Accident Protection?

Accidents happen when you least expect them – at home, at work, while playing or traveling. Accident coverage provides protection when you need it most but are expecting it the least.

  • Sickpay Plus – Accident & Sickness Protection - If your job benefits don’t include sick days, being sick or injured can cost you.
    • Day one coverage - 24/7/365 coverage all occupations
    • Up to 6 full months of coverage
    • Protection that you keep even if you change jobs
    • Ages 18-67
  • Accident Insurance – Enhanced Accident Plan
    • Immediate coverage–no waiting period-24/7/365
    • Protection on or off the job
    • Guarantee renewal for life.
    • Ages 18 – 64

Too many people are taking a gamble - If a serious illness or accident happens, what will happen? Your earnings will stop, your assets will erode, and your future dreams will not come true!

Cancer and Critical Illness

What Is Critical Illness?

Critical Illness coverage protects your financial security and provides benefits for things like deductibles, bills, expenses, and lost of wages. Supplemental Cancer and Critical Illness insurance provide benefits in addition to other insurance. The most common coverages are for Heart Attack, Stroke and Cancer, but many plans provide coverage for an extensive list of serious illnesses or conditions.

  • Cancer Care Plus – Cancer and Dread Disease Insurance Ages 18 – 69
  • Cancer and Heart Attack & Stroke Insurance - Flexible Choice helps add financial security Ages 18 – 99

Hospital Indemnity

What is Hospital Indemnity?

When you’re hospitalized, chances are there will be expenses that you have to pay yourself, even with an existing healthcare plan. It provides a cash benefit paid directly to you, which can help with your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Protection Series -Hospital Indemnity Plan – Plan benefits give you the choice of which options are right for you. Ages 18-89
  • Advantage Plus Hospital Indemnity - Insurance designed to help fill some of the co-payments, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses of your health insurance plan. Guaranteed Renewable for life.  Age 40-85

Short-Term Care

Is short-term care insurance right for you?

  • Home Care Plus Insurance Plans  
    The plans make it possible to stay in your own home with skilled assistance when faced with a medically necessary need for home health care. Weekly Benefit Periods Ages 50 – 89
  • Recovery Care Insurance Plans
    The plan gives you the freedom to choose how you want to recover and where – nursing facility, hospital, or home care provider, Daily Benefit Periods Ages 50 – 89